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Cleaning Versus Disinfecting
Hand Hygiene and the flu


Cleaning Verses Disinfecting
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Cleaning Versus Disinfecting

Maintaining clean facilities requires daily cleaning and disinfection; however, cleaning personnel often use incorrect techniques and processes when completing these routine tasks. A common misconception exists that cleaning and disinfecting are the same when, in reality, they are two separate and unique processes. Without the right processes, surfaces may appear clean, but infections and germs could linger.
When training cleaning personnel, it can be helpful to note a few key differences between “cleaning” and “disinfecting” surfaces.

Hand Hygiene and the flu

Hand Hygiene As A First DefenseWith flu season inching nearer, the role hand hygiene plays in keeping people healthy needs to be stressed.
There are no specific time frames when it comes to flu season. Typically, the influenza virus begins affecting in early October although the virus generally peaks in January and continues through April, it's longevity and vehemence varies depending on which region in which you find yourself. The influenza virus thrives in colder weather — when people tend to congregate indoors and increase the likelihood of transmission.